June 23, 2014

XBee Regulated Adapter Board

Some time ago I came across a project during my Master's Degree that required the use of XBee modules. They are basically 2.4GHz radio modules that make use of the standard IEEE 802.15.4, they are useful for creating low power wireless networks, however their transmission rate is a bit limited.

The thing is that they are quite easy to use and configure but from a prototyping point of view, they are a bit annoying because they don't fit into the breadboard pinout, they have a pin spacing (pitch) of 2mm, instead of the usual 2,54mm, which means you need an adapter. Of course this is not a problem, you can find a lot of them in many stores, cheap too.

June 15, 2014

TDS210 Oscilloscope on LabVIEW over GPIB (IEEE-488)

During my studies, I've done a lot of interesting works, like the calculations for electromagnetic fields on my last post for example, and this is another one. For my Industrial Instrumentation class, I came across this work that had to be done using LabVIEW. The goal was to build a virtual interface for a real instrument that would communicate over GPIB interface (IEEE-488) and that could be used to control and read values remotely.

The work was to be done in groups of 2 and we had the opportunity to choose what instrument we would use. The choice was basically between a TDS210 Oscilloscope and a random multimeter which I don't remember the brand and model anymore.