February 27, 2014

So this is how it starts..

Hello world!

As a maker, a hobbyist and an electrical engineer I end up doing a lot of projects. Some are interesting, others not so much, but they all help me learn a few things. But, as these things usually go, often are the times when I'm barely finishing a project and already with my mind on another one, running with excitement over this and that, which is good, but also a bit problematic. 

You see, the fact is that this phenomenon of over excitement is great to move on to new and better things but they keep you from properly finishing your previous tasks. Many are the times when I need to look up for something I've done before, but I'm not really sure where to find it again, and what's worst is that I end up moving on to other projects before documenting what I've done.

This is why I've created this blog. A place to join all my projects and documentation, keeping it all together and easy to look up for, in case I'll need it again. This obviously helps my profile as a maker as well, contributing for the community, sharing knowledge and also learning in the process. A perfect trade!

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